Flanders Heritage Agency - Team Information

Flanders Heritage Agency is an agency of the Flemish Government that deals with immovable cultural heritage, broadly defined as archaeology, built heritage and cultural landscapes.

The information team manages and creates information systems that support the daily operations of the agency. While most of these systems are purely digital systems these days, we also maintain the agency’s library and it’s archives. We consider these an integral part of our information dissemination strategy.

When it comes to using, maintaining and building software, we invest heavily in open source software. Until a few years ago we were a typical consumer of open source software, without contributing much ourselves. A few years ago we diverged from this path, created a Github account and started opening up software we had written that might benefit other organisations dealing with cultural heritage, other government agencies or anyone else interested in open source software. Have a look at our Projects and see if there’s anything that benefits you..