Because we like sharing, we have made some of the technologies we use available as open source software. A full list can be found on Github.


Some of the software we’ve written can be used a standalone application. Where possible we have made sure they are easy to customise and adapt to your own needs.


Atramhasis is a simple and friendly webbased SKOS editor. Written in Python, it’s easy to install and customise. Ideal for you if you need to maintain your own thesauri or controlled vocabularies. Because the cultural heritage sector relies heavily on a few core vocabularies, we have made it easy to import concepts from certain well known thesauri like the Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) and the Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN) vocabularies published by the Getty Research Institute at


Augeais is a RESTful, webapplication written in Python that allows you to store digital objects in an object store. While it allows you to communicate with your objects as a service, it also decouples the storage implementation from the interface.


Uriregisty is a simple Python application that tracks where a certain URI is being used.


Apart from the complete applications, we have also developed a lot of libraries. These are being used in our own applications and might be of use to you as well.


CRABpy is a Python library to facilitate calls to the CRAB and CAPAKEY services by Informatie Vlaanderen.


Language-tags is a Python library for handling IANA Language Tags.