Running an Atramhasis demo site with Docker

Atramhasis is an online SKOS editor. It allows a user to create and edit an online thesaurus (What’s a thesaurus?) or vocabulary adhering to the SKOS specification through a simple web interface. This allows any user with access to a web browser to consult the thesauri and if so wanted AND authorised, to edit them.

While it used to be a bit of work to set up a demo instance of Atramhasis, we have now provided a Docker image available that allows you to quickly get a demo instance up and running. The Docker image contains both a demo application and the related Linked Data Fragments server.

After installing Docker for your operating system (the CE edition works is more than sufficient for this), you can simply pull the image and run a container. Once you’ve executed the following commands, you should be able to visit the demo application in your browser on http://localhost:6543. A Linked Data Fragments server is also included in the demo, which is accessible on http://localhost:3000.

$ sudo docker pull atramhasis/demo
$ sudo docker run -p 6543:6543 -p 3000:3000 atramhasis/demo

Alternatively, you can run a specific version of Atramhasis (starting from atramhasis 0.6.4):

$ sudo docker pull atramhasis/demo:0.6.4
$ sudo docker run -p 6543:6543 -p 3000:3000 atramhasis/demo:0.6.4

While this is a fast and easy way to get a first impression of Atramhasis, please be aware that any edits you make when running the image, will be discarded when you stop the Docker container. If you want to test the application over a longer period of time, this is probably not what you’re looking for. If you need persistence, but still want to use Docker, you can customise the Dockerfile to suit your needs.